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Kumamoto Prefecture

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Kumamoto Prefecture Administrative divisions

Kumamoto Prefecture Photo:

  • A Sandy Area of SUNASENRI - 砂千里 -

    A Sandy Area of SUNA
  • 高千穂

  • Kumamoto castle

    Kumamoto castle
  • 夕日

  • Aso crater from the air

    Aso crater from the
  • Alleyway in Yamaga Tow

    Alleyway in Yamaga T
  • Kurokawa hot spring resort (Kumamoto)

    Kurokawa hot spring
  • Green hills at Kuju plateou

    Green hills at Kuju
  • Aso crater

    Aso crater
  • 高千穂峡

  • Grassy versant

    Grassy versant
  • Mt. Aso Crate

    Mt. Aso Crate
  • Bovine paradise

    Bovine paradise
  • Frozen lak

    Frozen lak
  • 久住山

  • Nekodake

  • TAKACHIHO Gorge part2 - 高千穂峡 その2 -

    TAKACHIHO Gorge part
  • SETO Pedestrian Bridge part1 - 瀬戸歩道橋 その1 -

    SETO Pedestrian Brid
  • Mont Komezuka

    Mont Komezuka
  • Towards the crater of Mont Aso

    Towards the crater o
  • 九重“夢”大吊橋

  • Crater of Aso Volcano

    Crater of Aso Volcan
  • The Crater of Mt. Aso - 阿蘇山の火口 -

    The Crater of Mt. As
  • King of beasts

    King of beasts
  • Kumamoto City tram and the Kumamoto Castle

    Kumamoto City tram a
  • Helicopter for Fly-over tour over the Aso volcano

    Helicopter for Fly-o
  • Mont Nekodake

    Mont Nekodake
  • Komezuk

  • 阿蘇の夕日

  • Takachiho-Kyo Gorge

    Takachiho-Kyo Gorge
  • The Hill of Mt. ASO TAKADAKE - 阿蘇山の高岳の丘 -

    The Hill of Mt. ASO
  • Half buried

    Half buried
  • Shinmachi Dentei (streetcar stop)

    Shinmachi Dentei (st
  • Shinkansen and local lines of Kumamoto city

    Shinkansen and local
  • Unzen

  • 雲仙普賢岳

  • USHIBUKA Big Bridge part1 - 牛深ハイヤ大橋 その1 -

    USHIBUKA Big Bridge
  • Morning haze

    Morning haze
  • Ariake sea sunset from Arao

    Ariake sea sunset fr
  • The only ski station in Kyushu

    The only ski station
  • 鍋ヶ滝

  • 高千穂峡

  • From the bowels of the earth

    From the bowels of t
  • 阿蘇山

  • Breast Rock - おっぱい岩 -

    Breast Rock - おっぱい岩
  • Tombstones in Suemura (Asagiricho)

    Tombstones in Suemur
  • 熊本県 球磨郡 水上村 一房ダム

    熊本県 球磨郡 水上村 一房ダム
  • Mont Aso crater wall

    Mont Aso crater wall
  • Farm on the Kawabe Rive

    Farm on the Kawabe R
  • 熊本城

  • Takamori & Nakadak

    Takamori & Nakadak
  • Kumamoto Station

    Kumamoto Station
  • Spring flower feild.(Kujyu-flower park)

    Spring flower feild.
  • 市内街

  • 真名井の滝

  • Takachiho-Kyo Waterfall

    Takachiho-Kyo Waterf
  • Former No.5 High School

    Former No.5 High Sch
  • River Canyon

    River Canyon
  • Martian landscape on Aso volcano in fall

    Martian landscape on
  • Power of the sun

    Power of the sun

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Kumamoto Prefecture Videos